Szlazan City

Map of the New Logora Region, Szlazan City markedMap of the New Logora Region, Szlazan City marked


Szlazan wasn't even a city until a few years ago, when the addition of an official gym changed it from a quiet archaeological curiosity to a bustling hub of Pokémon training activity. Szlazan's gym leader, Monica, is almost single-handedly responsible for putting the growing city on the map. Her latest endeavor is finding a way to incorporate the nearby Tanoby relic, Acoatyl Tower, into some sort of tourist attraction, but so far she's met with some opposition from the locals.

Name Origin

a traditional Tanoby name

Nearby Locations

  North: N/A  
West: N/A Szlazan City East: Route NL7
  South: Route NL8  
Other Nearby Places: Acoatyl Tower