First of all, what is Pokémon Turquoise?

To answer this question, we'd have to relate to you the history of the entire board and the amazing members who have been a part of Pokémon Turquoise at one point or another. Unfortunately, we can't do that because of the mountain-high loads of information, so we'll stick to a short summary. Several years ago, in September 2007, Chronicler came up with the idea to create Pokémon Turquoise and the Turquoise Text RPG, which was directly influenced by the closing of another large-scale TRPG, the Pokemon Topaz Text RPG (hosted on what was known as PokeRealm). After the successful running of Turquoise and it's TRPG at Zetaboards for over two years, the forums were viewed as being quite successful. Chronicler had decided to create the Orre Text RPG while work continued on the Seresta Fakedex. At this time, Turquoise had merged with Mikayo, a partner TRPG forum being headed by Dragonfire, to create a TRPG featuring one giant region: Serekayo (A physical merge of Seresta and Mikayo). Soon, however, financial situations started to look bad for Chronicler and he handed the reins of the project two his co-administrators, Turtlecash and Dragonfire, as the forums moved back to Zetaboards.

With Chronicler gone and things getting difficult to manage, Turtlecash soon disappeared entirely from the forums, leaving Dragonfire as the project head. With the forums in a tough position, a merge occurred between Pokémon Turquoise, PokeLight Forums, and Pokémon Nightmare Forums to create Pokémon Solstice. These boards were on a steady decline though as drama throughout the board increased, leaving Dragonfire with the option to return Turquoise to new Zetaboards forums, where he could rebuild and get things going again with Turquoise co-administrators, Skyler and Roxas. Activity started to die and eventually Dragonfire contacted an artist by the name of Phoenixsong of the Orange Islands. For a while, Phoenixsong had been drawing her own fakemon and creating her own region, New Logora. Dragonfire and Phoenixsong decided to put Serekayo on hold and use Turquoise to host a brand new TRPG, the likes of which had never been seen before: The New Logora Text RPG. With the start of creating the New Logora Text RPG, it was decided that the region of Serekayo would halt further progress until we have the support and resources needed to relaunch the project.

Dragonfire, Phoenixsong, Skyler, and the returned Chronicler have been hard at work to implement the New Logora TRPG and provide a community of creation, innovation, friendship, and fun for all. After a year of dedicated work and perfecting, the Turquoise Staff Team proudly announced the arrival of the new and improved Text RPG!

The current administration team consists of Phoenixsong, Dragonfire, Chronicler, Negrek and Taav.

Need to know more?

The FAQ contains more details about several things, as do several of the other guides found throughout the wiki. If you still have a question that needs answering, this forum is the place to go; you can also contact one of the admins if the issue is urgent.