General Questions

What is Pokémon Turquoise?

Pokémon Turquoise is a forum community centered around a text-based roleplaying game, the Turquoise Text RPG (or TTRPG for short). Members can create a character, choose a starter Pokémon from a whole new custom generation and go on an adventure throughout Turquoise's unique regions (just New Logora at the moment, though more are on the way!). We also have general discussion and creative areas as well, so there's bound to be something fun for you to get into. To learn a bit more about the forums and their history, check out the About page.

The page you are reading right now is part of the TurquoiseDex, Pokémon Turquoise's pokédex and reference site. It contains information about all of the Pokémon currently found in the RPG, as well as many of the characters, locations and new moves/items/abilities created for the game. The TurquoiseDex will be updated as more content is added to the RPG, so be sure to check the news posts on the Home page to see what's new.

If you're interested in joining the RPG in particular, grab an account over on the forums, take a look at our Getting Started guide (and don't forget the forum rules!), create your character here and have fun!

What's this "Phoenixdex" thing you keep mentioning?

The Phoenixdex is the personal fakedex project of Phoenixsong, one of Turquoise's admins. The New Logora region and its components originally started as part of that project; a slightly modified version of the region is being used in the RPG, and the current TurquoiseDex site was built using a copy of the Phoenixdex as a base. The two sites, while similar in structure and possessing some similar content, are separate entities dealing with separate projects, so nothing found on the Phoenixdex should be considered true for Pokémon Turquoise and vice versa. (For example, the Faelan region does not exist on Turquoise, and the move Downdraft does not exist on the Phoenixdex.) The Phoenixdex is primarily just something interesting to look at in its own right, so if you need to know something about Pokémon Turquoise specifically then please use only the TurquoiseDex to look up that information.

What is Serekayo/Seresta/Mikayo?

Seresta and Mikayo were the two regions in which Pokémon Turquoise's predecessors, the old Pokémon Turquoise and the Mikayo RPG, were to be set. After Turquoise and Mikayo merged the two regions were combined into one super-region called Serekayo. The Serekayo region is not yet finished or ready for players, and will not be for a while longer; development had to be halted due to a lack of activity, and right now the New Logoran side of the RPG is the forum's primary focus. We hope to resume Serekayo development as Turquoise's community grows, however, so if you're interested in contributing to a massive new region then stick around to see how you can help!

Do you accept fakemon ideas? What about moves, items or things like that?

New Logora's pokédex is complete and there are no plans to add to it at this time, and we aren't currently looking for item suggestions, either. We do, however, need help with the fakedex and some moves and abilities for the upcoming Serekayo region. Check the Serekayo Production forum to see how you can contribute!

RPG-Related Questions

How do I get started? What is the RPG like?

We have a helpful Getting Started guide available that explains how the game works in detail and should answer any questions you might have as a beginner. In a nutshell, you'll create a character, choose a starter Pokémon and then post your first adventure thread in the appropriate forum. In your adventure you'll be exploring your current location, interacting with the characters found there or, as is most often the case, battling wild Pokémon and other trainers. Every time you make a post stating what you'd like to do next, one of the RPG Mods will respond with a summary of what happened—how much damage your Pokémon's attack did, whether or not the solution you put forward for a problem worked, etc.. Then it's your turn to post again and keep moving your adventure forward!

That should give you at least a hint about what's in store; as stated above, though, the Getting Started guide gives a more thorough explanation and also covers some other important information. Be sure to give it a good read-through while you're waiting for a mod to finish setting up your profile!

What is an "action update"?

An action update, so called to differentiate it from a battle update, is an update where some sort of non-battle action is required to continue. You may need to chase someone down, clear some sort of obstacle, do someone a favor or any number of other tasks that can't be solved by ordering your Pokémon to attack another Pokémon (though if you can think of a creative solution that requires your team's help, give it a try!). The more logical or inventive your idea, the more likely you are to succeed at that task... but be aware that most problems aren't simple enough to be solved in just one action update!

See the Getting Started guide for more information about how action updates work.

What is a "turn-trial" battle?

Turn-trial battles are, for the most part, regular battles, but they have a turn limit applied for a bit of extra challenge. If it takes you too long to defeat your opponent(s) your reward may not be as nice as it would have been if you'd finished in fewer turns. You may even lose the battle entirely on a technicality! In general, the sooner you can defeat your opponent(s) in a turn-trial battle, the better off you'll be. Just watch out for the exact-attack turn-trials, which require you to win in exactly the given number of turns—no more and no less!

What happens if a mod hasn't updated my current adventure thread in a while?

Our mods do their best to ensure that each player is updated within forty-eight hours of that player's last post. Ideally you'll be seeing updates even more often than that! Nonetheless, sometimes things just fall through and the mods may be too busy to get to everyone on time, or you may accidentally be skipped over in the middle of a flurry of updates. If it has been at least 48 hours since your last update, please (politely!) bring it to our attention in the RPG Update Required thread and we'll get you back on your way as soon as possible. Please note that the 48-hour limit is strictly enforced—while it would be lovely to be updated more often than that, we ask that you respect the minimum waiting period and that you don't start complaining after only 12 hours just because you're bored. The mods can only update any one player so often—they have lives too, you know!

Why does [move] or [ability] behave this way? It's not like that in the games!

A text-based game played on a forum is inherently different from a video game in a lot of ways. Some concepts from the Pokémon video games, if left alone, would be too powerful, too weak, too confusing or just impossible to use in a forum context. As such we've had to change the way some things work so that they better suit this game format. We've done our best to reconsider their effects and functions so that they're at least somewhat usable in our RPG.

Detailed information about the things that have changed can generally be found throughout this site, for example on a move or ability's individual page (you can use the search bar at the top of the page to find moves and abilities), on the list of new and modified items, etc.. A page that summarizes all changes to canon moves/abilities/items/etc. can be found here. You may also want to take a look at the list of New Mechanics.

Where can I find [TM] or [item] or [Pokémon]?

Most Pokémon should have a location listed on their pokédex pages, so you can simply use the search bar at the top of the page to look up the Pokémon you want. A Pokémon with no listed location can typically only be obtained via evolution, so try checking its previous stages' locations. A list of all items available in the game and their locations, including TMs, can be found here.

If you still can't find a certain item or Pokémon's location even after searching the site, that's most likely because it isn't available. The RPG is not going to include every single thing from the canon Pokémon games—for example, there's no need for the DNA Splicers item and you can't travel to Hoenn and start with a Mudkip—so some things simply may never be obtainable. On the other hand, this game is a constantly-evolving work in progress and will be for quite some time, so it's also possible that a certain item or Pokémon is meant to be available but simply isn't yet. We're working on adding everything that's necessary for the game in its current state. We are aware of just about every important item that's currently unavailable, so in general there's no need to remind us, but if you think that something crucial is missing and that it's going to be needed soon then feel free to contact an admin and point it out.

How do I get Pokémon with hidden abilities?

A team of scientists at DiCadria Enterprises is working around the clock to replicate and improve upon Unova's research into exploring the dreams of sleeping Pokémon. They haven't quite hit the nail on the head yet, but in the future they hope to give trainers and their Pokémon a chance to experience the "Dream World" and the special Pokémon variations that inhabit it! More about this feature and how you can use it will be revealed as it gets closer to completion.

If you're lucky you may find a very rare item called the Dream DNA. Using this item on your Pokémon can change its current ability into its Dream World ability! Since Dream DNA is so hard to come by, you'll want to think carefully about what you use it on!

How/where can I breed Pokémon?

In the future, players will be able to breed Pokémon (whether two of their own Pokémon or one of theirs and one of another player's) and receive and hatch the resulting eggs. The "In Breeding Center" section of your player profile is reserved for this feature. The Breeding Center is not ready yet but it should be soon, and more information will be provided as it gets closer to completion.

Question not answered here?

Still need help? No worries—we've got a whole forum for you to ask questions in. (Be sure to search the topics that are already there to see if someone else has asked the same question, though!) If you already have an account, you can also stop by the shoutbox (at the bottom of the forum's index page) and talk to members and staff directly. Don't forget that this website may also have information that answers your question, too—check the FAQ and some other pages and see if that helps!