The Revivalists are a relatively small group of Tanoby people active in New Logora.

Long ago, New Logora (then just "Logora") was home to several powerful legendary Pokémon whose very presence enhanced the beauty and the power of the land, its Pokémon and its people. A catastrophic event destroyed the legendaries, and while the region was able to recover and continue functioning it never was able to regain all of its former glory without its benefactors present. As the remaining Tanoby people worked to pick up the pieces of their fallen civilization, the sages who lead them began research into ways to restore them. The search has lasted for hundreds upon hundreds of years, and the Tanoby who are currently striving toward this goal are known as the Revivalists.

The modern Revivalist organization consists primarily of volunteers; most of them are Tanoby, but as the leaders believe they are moving closer to their goal they have started soliciting help from any trainers who are willing to lend a hand. The work is predominantly research: uncovering lost details of the ancient Tanoby civilization, or hunting for clues about what defeated the legendaries and how they might be restored. There is no central location where most of this work is done; as relics of the old civilization can be found throughout the archipelago, there are local headquarters on each of the major islands, usually close to a major Tanoby ruin. The current headquarters, as well as lists of jobs for volunteers looking to help, can be found in Denath Village, Szlazan City, Baaresa Town, Rune City and Etaoin City.

Revivalist Leaders

  • Gadari, retired master trainer and local starter breeder/distributor
  • Dr. Liruda Lochlan, archaeologist and host of popular history television series "Uncovering the Unknown"
  • Naritanu, Logos Stone craftsman; in charge of the Baaresa Town HQ
  • Professor Racyf Taxus, local professor studying Pokémon either made by humans or that change based on human presence
  • Treg, the person spearheading the new Revivalist recruiting effort; in charge of the Denath Village HQ
  • Lt. Gov. Evten Vargas, incumbent Lieutenant Governor of New Logora

As several of the leaders are often busy with their other jobs—Prof. Taxus is often away doing field work, Evten has a region to govern, etc.—deputy leaders occasionally step in to help manage things and coordinate efforts at the local headquarters.