Welcome to the new TurquoiseDex!

It's Pokémon Turquoise's second anniversary, and there's a lot going on on the forums... and there are a lot of changes here, too!

Several of you know that a few months ago, administrator Phoenixsong's personal project, the Phoenixdex, was updated with a brand new look and a much more useful backend. It was always the plan to bring those same changes and benefits to the TurquoiseDex, and now they're here! The original post on the Phoenixdex goes into more detail about the nature of these changes, but in a nutshell:

  • Pokémon pages now contain more detail about their stats, abilities and movesets
  • Canon moves and abilities now have information displayed on this site, so mods and players no longer need to bring up a second pokédex if they need a reminder of how something works
  • Everything is more visual, especially the lists of Pokémon that learn certain moves or have certain abilities—now it's much easier to see at a glance who can do what and how
  • Behind the scenes there's a much better backend, which, among other things, makes it much easier for the admins to keep things like the aforementioned learnlists up to date—no more blank lists on TM pages (!)
  • There are better location pages, including an up-to-date map of the New Logora region that actually points out where cities and such are (!!)
  • There are pages describing the Tanoby and the Revivalists now (!!!)
  • Pokémon, moves, characters and more now have "tags", so you can look at just fully-evolved pokémon, just gym leaders, just moves that make contact, etc.
  • The site is designed to be responsive and should adjust itself to fit comfortably on smaller screens

There have also been a few changes and additions, some of which match the Phoenixdex, some of which are new just for Turquoise:

The changes and fixes that were added to this update should also well and truly mark the end of the Gen VI updates, and the end of the need to check the Phoenixdex to find missing information for the RP.

Also note that these changes have resulted in alterations to the site's URL structure; if you had any pages bookmarked, you might need to find them again and re-save them.

Whew! That's a lot, and there are still a few small additional fixes that will be coming over the next few days and weeks. Make sure you have a look around and get acquainted with all the new site's new and improved features!

As always, if there's an error with this site or the forums, contact Phoenixsong and let her know about it.

Enjoy the anniversary, everyone! Here's to another great year of adventuring!