Drag Under


Base PowerPower PointsAccuracy
Effect ChancePriorityTarget
—%0Single non-user

Flavor Text

The user drags the foe under the water with it, holding it down until the next turn. The target cannot attack while underwater.

Move Description

The user sucks or drags the target down into the water and holds it there, only allowing it to float back to the surface after it takes damage from the crushing water pressure.


User drags the target deep underwater for one turn and inflicts damage, during which no moves will hit either Pokémon and neither can act. On the following turn, the user allows the target to resurface, ending the effect.

If the target is Water type, this move will function as normal but inflict no damage.

Surf and Whirlpool can hit both the user and the target during this effect, and will have doubled power if appropriate.

The damage from Miasma Terrain, Hail and Sandstorm does not apply during this effect.

Either Pokémon may be hit during this effect if also under the effect of Lock-On, Mind Reader, or No Guard.

Pokémon that learn Drag Under by level (2)

TurquoiseDex Pokémon (2)

Water Grass
Storm Drain
Level 51
Water Grass
Storm Drain
Level 56

Pokémon that learn Drag Under by move tutor (34)

TurquoiseDex Pokémon (20)

Canon Pokémon (14)